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Study Level: Advanced
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Advanced SEO Course Online – Learn Secret SEO Hacks, Link Building Hacks, SEO Audit, Advance SEO Tools, Negative SEO, WordPress SEO & More!

Enroll for advanced SEO Course online from Digital Aladin to learn Most effective SEO techniques and complete 360-degree learning of advanced Search Engine Optimization Strategies.

Welcome to advanced SEO Course – One single course to start your SEO Journey from Beginner to Advanced Step-by-Step.

This advanced SEO training course will enable you to learn and implement new SEO strategies and tactics, both on and off-page, enabling you to react to Google’s updates, and beat your competitors.

This advanced SEO course touches each and every important aspect of SEO including all updates:

  • Implementing Technical Factor’s, Page Speed Optimization,
  • Advanced website Indexing And Link Building Techniques,
  • Hands-On Local SEO,
  • Protecting Website From Negative SEO,
  • Learn To Use advanced SEO Tools,
  • Learn About All Important Free And Paid Tools,
  • Performing SEO Audit 
  • How to get high quality backlinks without creating any content
  • How to implement Schema markup across website
  • Plan future integrated SEO campaigns based on the latest search opportunities
  • Carry out advanced keyword research based on revenue modelling
  • Roll-out best practice SEO for different sectors, devices, content and SEO campaigns
  • Comprehensively audit websites for best practice technical SEO
  • Plan SEO activity, strategies and forecast results
  • Execute best practice link strategies
  • Successfully recover from penalties
  • Use tools to measure and identify insights for SEO

This advanced SEO training will enable you to achieve scalable career opportunities and higher salaries in the field of digital marketing.


Batches Available: Weekend and Weekday Batches Available

Duration: 2 Hours Session Per Class

Time: 10.00 AM  –  12.00 PM  |   2.00 PM – 4.00 PM   |   8.00 PM – 10.00 PM

*Lifetime access to the advanced SEO course content

*Get Extra doubt clearing sessions

*Real life examples and free tools used throughout the online SEO course training

*Everything is explained in plain English and all tools recommended are free!

*All online SEO training content is quickly updated following any changes in SEO techniques or the free tools recommended.

Advanced SEO Course Online: You won’t be an SEO beginner anymore.

SEO is one the most highly paid online skills because of the increase in traffic and sales it can deliver to a business, and the demand for this skill is only getting bigger!

  • Impact of Algorithm Updates
  • Understanding of rich snippets/schema markup
  • How to implement Schema Markup across sites
  • How to build links without creating zero content
  • Several Secret advanced SEO Tricks (completely white hat SEO, tested and proven with global clients)

By investing a small amount in this course, you’ll save thousands, if not millions by doing SEO in-house rather than using an expensive SEO agency or software.

Additionally, you’ll have a highly paid & In-demand skill at your fingertips if you wanted to start a home SEO business and make monthly recurring income as an SEO freelancer.

This interactive and lively advanced SEO course is the perfect next step to our SEO Foundation course.


  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who would like to drive more traffic to their website
  • Digital Marketers looking for strategies to expand the online footprint of their brands
  • Individuals interested in starting a career in internet marketing or SEO
  • Marketing executives and/or marketing managers who want to upgrade their skill-set
  • Freshers/beginners who want to learn new skill to become job ready
  • Pre launch business owners who want to learn how to leverage SEO to get more sales
  • Website owners who want to increase their organic search engine rankings
  • SEO freelancers who want to rank their clients or their own business websites
  • Web designers who want to properly set-up websites to help them better rank in search engine results

Earn a Certificate

When you complete this advanced SEO course online and complete the hands-on project, you’ll earn a Certificate from Digital Aladin that you can share with prospective employers and your professional network.


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